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There's So Much More There

creativity meaning May 17, 2023

My 91-year-old mom is a leader, a teacher, a presenter, and at her core, a wonderful artist. One of the many pieces we have in our home is her ceramic coffee mug. When I drink from this cup, this mug, this piece of art - which is part of my morning routine - I get fueled beyond the caffeine. This time, this process, this experience, is a great reminder to me…there’s so much more there.

My mom’s work has deep meaning to me and to so many others who’ve experienced her teaching and who’ve been impacted by her craft. There’s intention in her ceramics, there’s creativity in her process, and there’s care in her delivery. When I have my morning cup of coffee, I’m reminded of her healthy additives, of her journey, her artistry, her work…and it fuels me before I go do my work.

As I savor my morning cup of coffee, it’s not just out of any ordinary mug. My mom is there, her vision is there, her sacrifice is there, her work is there, her creativity is there, her love is there. It’s not just a cup of coffee…it’s much deeper than that. This cup started off as a non-descript piece of clay, and with some care, creativity, and vision, it became a work of art.

With this morning pick me up, I’ve come to realize, as we all prepare to lead, coach, teach and present, we need to remind ourselves there’s so much more there when we lead a meeting. There’s so much more there in our position as a coach. There’s so much more there in our responsibility as a teacher. And there’s so much more there in our opportunity as presenters.

With this opportunity, and in the 27 years at Game On of leading, learning and laughing with audiences all over the world, I’ve come to realize what fuels me as a presenter. I hope these healthy “additives” help you focus on what fuels you.

1. Focusing on offering substance rather than adding sparkle.

2. Focusing on proving the believers right rather than the detractors wrong.

3. Focusing on the needs of the audience rather than my needs as a presenter.

4. Focusing on cherishing the entire process rather than coveting the final results.

So, as you kick-off your day, it’s a heck of a pick me up, pick you up, pick all of us up, to begin the process knowing you’re starting with a clean canvas, you’ve got something so special to offer, and in all that you do, there’s so much more there.

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