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confidence connection creativity excellence framework presentation Nov 02, 2022

I encourage all of us to remember audiences genuinely want presenters to do well. No one in their right mind attends a presentation hoping the experience is a waste of time. They want a message delivered with confidence, creativity, and clarity, they want to be genuinely moved, they want to care about the message, and they want to remember it. To meet these needs, to serve the audience, to share a memorable and impactful message, let’s use our voice and our platforms, and embrace these opportunities, so we can all…present with confidence!

I present this hypothesis about presenting with confidence with the confidence that this presentation will be received in good faith, an open mind, and a healthy sense of humor!

“Presenting with Confidence” is one of our signature program offerings at Game On, and it’s also something we strive to achieve daily as leaders, teachers, educators, and presenters. There are certainly stumbles, discoveries, and imperfections throughout the journey, but the path to being a confident, impactful, and memorable presenter is much more attainable when we focus on the needs of the audience instead of our needs as presenters, when the audience not only cares about the message, but also remembers it, and when we have a proven framework to follow.

Understanding the importance of framework - and one that allows for both structure and spontaneity - we created S.P.O.T. (SET-UP, PRESENT, OBSERVE, TIE-BACK), and I’m now presenting…with confidence…that framework below:

Being intentional about how the audience is invited to your presentation, setting clear expectations, and focusing on technical factors such as audio/visual, lighting, and sound, all play a major role in how you feel and how the audience receives your message. Raising the bar as a speaker means making preparation a priority and doing your best, in advance, to create a space that is the most conducive learning environment for everyone.

Utilizing the principles of storytelling, relying on positive humor, and developing techniques that compliment your natural speaking style will help make your content more engaging. Don’t just tell them or show them, but move them through your voice, tone, and a change of pace, ensuring you’re delivering an authentic and sound message with tempo, flow, and purposeful engagement.

Taking a pause, taking a breath, taking it all in, provides an important opportunity - in real time - to adjust on the fly. Finding moments to slow down and read the room before and during the presentation will help you make necessary adjustments while discovering ways the message can better connect to your audience’s needs, at that moment.

Bringing the presentation home – landing the plane - is a powerful window to remind the audience why the message matters to them. Using this time to incorporate simple, tangible take-aways and practical next steps will help ensure the information connects to their goals, while providing real applications so they can take inspired action.

Framework On. SPOT On. Game On.

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