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Tell Me About Yourself

Sep 21, 2022

“Tell me about yourself!” It’s not even a question - and without question - this statement is everywhere, and it will be with us forever. It shows up at the job interview. In some respect, it is the job interview. It joins us on that first date, comes into play in the casual banter before the big business meeting, jumps at us during those awkward, but well intended, icebreakers at orientations, surrounds us at social events, and revisits us at reunions. Even my mom, who gave me life and knows me well, still starts our phone calls with, “Honey, tell me about yourself.” No joke.

When I’m not feeling it, and I hear, “tell me about yourself”, my first thought is, “Ugh, where do I begin?” Do I start at birth? I was there, but don’t remember much. Seriously, how well do I know this person? How much time do we have to chop it up? What’s the social situation all about? Are we in person, on a zoom, on the phone? Who else is with us? Do they really want to know? All of this, and so much more, comes into play and effects my response.

With all that said - and it’s easier said than done - it’s an honest and important statement that deserves our intention, thought and care. Instead of avoiding it, we should embrace it. We should be able to tell our story, give some insight, offer a little something of value, and shed some light on who we are, what’s important to us, and what we value. We should be able to do this with some sense of Confidence, Creativity and Clarity. If we can stay on this run and keep this alliteration going, we should all be Coin Collectors. What is that you ask? Quality Query.

At Game On Nation, we’ve been sharing our “Coins” concept for over 25 years, and it has become a foundational exercise in our curriculum. Coins are things you value, and they help define your valuesThey are hobbies, interests, activities, achievements, goals, positive experiences, etc. A Coin could be anything that has meaning to you, no matter how big or small, and it should light you up and bring a smile to your face just by thinking about it. Most importantly, your Coins should bring you value and others value. Here are 3 basic reminders so we can all be healthy Coin Collectors, cultivate authentic connections, and value our values:

A GENUINE SMILE IS MONEY: When you think or talk about your Coins, don’t apologize for them. In fact, let them light you up and allow yourself to react accordingly. If your Coins truly mean something to you, they will genuinely move you and others into a better place. You never know, you may end up in an authentic and meaningful conversation, and that should make us all smile.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR VALUE: You may have Coins you don’t think are worth much because you know them too well. You live with them every day. Don’t get desensitized to this familiarity. For example, you may think it’s no big deal you speak 3 languages, but others may find that incredibly attractive and intriguing, so speak up, in all your languages, and don’t sell yourself short.

BE A COIN COLLECTOR: There are Coins in your pocket that may or may not surface in a conversation. That’s okay. Don’t force it. Just have those Coins with you, and more importantly, listen for other people’s Coins. People want to be valued, and they want to be heard. What better way to achieve this than sharing some of your Coins and allowing others to share theirs. Talk about a healthy transaction!

Let’s not complicate this process. This isn’t some complex business transaction. This is a human interaction, and we should all cherish our personal portfolio, share our values, and honor other people’s value. Simply put, go out there - put yourself out there - and be a Coin Collector. During this exchange, always remember:

There’s no question you are of value.

There’s no question we all desire authentic connections.

There’s no question in, “Tell me about yourself.” It’s just an honest and important statement, so make yours!

Coin Collecting On. Game On.

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