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Simply Good

authenticity connection impact Jun 28, 2023

Simply Good

The definition of “cultivate” is to develop, prepare, and grow. With that understanding, why do we still sometimes rush this process?

Cultivating Authentic Connection…What a phrase, what a title, what a term. That term sounds good because, when implemented with intention and care, it is good. And it’s really good when we can all create, establish, and maintain an environment where the trust, the respect, the space is there so we can go from a term that sounds good, to an interaction that feels good, to actions, behaviors, decisions, and ultimately, connections that are…simply good.

So, what’s good? To me, this picture right here is good, this moment captured right here is good, these two wonderful, creative, impactful artists sitting together right here are good. This is my 91-year-old mother Dael and my dear friend Jason Martinez sharing the space at a recent “Athletes + Artists” summit where the environment, the facilitators, the other participants, their trust and curiosity, allowed them to lock in, take it all in, and begin to cultivate an authentic connection.

Part of the issue with cultivating authentic connection is it’s not easy and it takes time. As leaders, coaches, teachers, and presenters, if we want to make a positive impact, honor others, and respect the time, we’ve got to be careful we’re not forcing, rushing, or demanding authentic connection. To force, to rush, to demand doesn’t leave room for cultivation, doesn’t allow for us to be authentic, and it can make us feel more of a disconnection than a connection.

So, if we want to cultivate, if we want to be authentic, and if we want to connect, let’s make it maintainable, sustainable, and attainable.

1. Maintainable: To keep it going on the daily, let’s make our actions consistently good.

2. Attainable: To allow others to see it and reach it and make it their own, let’s have our behaviors be clearly good.

3. Sustainable: To make a lasting impact that reaches multiple generations, for generations, let’s make our decisions simply good.

This picture right here, this time right here, these two wonderful, creative, artistic, good people right here, are making an impact, authentically connecting, and they are, captured in this moment, in my mind, at this time, cultivating authentic connection and being…simply good.


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