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Right Across the Street

connection experience leadership Oct 11, 2023

Right Across the Street

I have the privilege of traveling extensively to share the Game On Nation message, and I don’t take that privilege lightly. It’s truly an honor to embark on these trips, embrace these journeys, and travel with purpose to help others lead with compassion, present with confidence, and cultivate authentic connection.

Along the way, the Game On team and I value experiencing new places, meeting new people, and engaging with a variety of athletic, corporate, government, and military audiences. With all that said - and all that travel done - there’s also something uniquely gratifying and personally rewarding to be home, remain grounded, and share our message with wonderfully worthy businesses, established/emerging leaders, teachers, students, coaches, sports teams, and a wide variety of audiences right here in our region, and in some cases… right across the street.

Recently, I had the honor to work with our local Manatee High School Football Team as part of their weekly leadership and character development training. This time with this team is a personal highlight for me every year. These young men bring excitement and joy to our area every Friday night in the Fall. They are respectful and attentive every session I deliver. They love to laugh and are so hungry to learn, improve, and grow. And most importantly, these young men have the opportunity to make a profound impact as future leaders, teachers, coaches, professionals, presenters (or whatever they desire to be) right here in our area (or wherever they are called to be).

So, as current leaders, teachers, coaches, presenters (or whatever we desire to be), I encourage us all to continue to do our best to get that message out there, impact as many people as we can, and appreciate the privilege to travel. And during that journey, when we land, there are staff members right down the hall from our office, students right in the next classroom, athletes and coaches right there on that next field, and they are all just as deserving of that guidance, need that lesson plan, and are starving for that crucial play call.

We don’t always know exactly where we’ll be called, who we will serve, or what we will do. But I do know there are people everywhere who are starving for compassionate leadership, confidence presenting, and authentic connection. I also know the Game On team and I will continue to do our best to create authentic and purposeful engagement, across the world, around this country, and when the opportunity calls… right across the street.


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