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Excellence(ish) On!

excellence humor intentional Jan 11, 2023

“Presenting with Confidence” - and doing it with excellence - has been an area of focus for us here at Game On as we kick-start the New Year. As a team, we’re trying to be more intentional this year to create content and share useful resources that honor our experience, align with our passion, take into account our expertise…while still having fun along the way.

We certainly haven’t mastered the craft of presenting with confidence, and we’re not certified experts on excellence, but we strive to continue to hone those skills daily, and that journey is so much easier when we approach the process with levity, joy, and a healthy sense of humor. With that said, here’s my video attempt to “present with confidence” my one word(s) for 2023, while trying to have some fun and be excellent(ish).

All jokes aside, I encourage all of us to find that word, phrase, purpose, mission, goal for 2023, and more importantly, let’s do what’s needed, what’s realistic, what it takes, to put it into action. Let’s get after it with confidence and courage, while surrounding ourselves with people who encourage us, who will be real with us, and who have our best interests at heart!

During that journey, let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s keep striving for excellence while embracing the laughter, enjoying the humor, and trying to have some fun along the way. I know it’s not always an easy road, but there’s opportunity for light and joy all around us, each and every day.

Spoiler Alert: My word for 2023 is “TIMELINESS”…at least for the time-being!

Humor On. One Word On. Game On.

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