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Off and Running

authenticity connection experience Jul 12, 2023

Off and Running

It was the moment I had dreamed about ever since I could remember. One of the greatest feats a scrappy, 12-year-old 2nd baseman can achieve is that elusive homerun. With one mighty(ish) swing of the bat, I finally did it. I hit an in-game, real-life, under-the-lights, over-the fence homerun. And as much as I wanted to be present, take it all in, and authentically connect to this epic moment, once I rounded first base, saw that ball clear that fence, and heard the announcer say, “it’s going, it’s going, it’s gone”, I was off and running.

It was my first homerun, and it would be my only homerun I would hit in my baseball career. It was my final year playing Majors at West Covina American Little League. It was a moment I had been dreaming about for years, and when that moment finally occurred, when that ball just barely cleared the 204 ft marker in center field, I took off in a dead sprint, raced around the bases, and went right back and sat in my spot in the dugout, praying what just happened was real, and not just a dream.

It was real, and to be real, I don’t remember much more about this epic moment because I was off and running. I do remember reaching home plate, hustling back to the dugout, looking up from the bench – and with my teammates celebrating, my heart racing, my mind swirling -it hit me, I did it. I cleared the fences. I hit a homerun. And now, after all these years of anticipating, preparing, and dreaming…it had happened, it was over, it was done, and it was gone.

As leaders, coaches, teachers, and presenters, being present, slowing down, and cultivating authentic connection with our staff, our athletes, our students, our audience, should be a priority for all of us, in all that we do…but let’s not stop there. It can be just as impactful, important, and rewarding to focus on cultivating authentic connection to an experience, to an accomplishment, to an achievement, to a moment.

When that moment finally arrives - whatever that moment might be for you - take a breath, take a step back, and take it in. Let’s give ourselves permission to allow it to unfold, to enjoy, and to celebrate it, for our teammates, our staff, our audience, our loved one, and for ourselves.

As a former scrappy 2nd baseman with a mighty(ish) swing, I encourage us all to cherish these special moments like a homerun, because eventually they’ll be going, and going, and gone.


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