First Things First

clarity collaboration innovation purpose strategy teamwork Feb 01, 2023

As we wrapped up our 2023 Game On internal team retreat here at our headquarters in Bradenton, FL, it was clear to me that setting aside this time, intentionally creating an environment for creative collaboration, and having purpose behind each day, each breakout, each white board discussion, each exercise, allowed us to create some necessary clarity by simply putting the first things first: our people.

As a team, we focused on innovation, our internal structure, growth opportunities, new products, our Teamwork and Communication programs, and opportunities to enhance the Game On experience, while fine-tuning our overall strategic plan for 2023 and beyond!!! But prior to the exclamations, before the end results, leading up to the “so now that we’re all clear”, it wasn’t always smooth sailing along the way. To get there safely, we had to communicate well and be good teammates. We had to put our programs to the test. We had to pull from our own playbook by...

1. Listening instead of just waiting to talk
2. Giving the benefit of the doubt
3. Presenting with confidence
4. Having each other’s back
5. Celebrating small wins
6. Observing with clarity
7. Laughing with not at
8. Changing speeds

We were given the awesome opportunity to practice in our little office in Bradenton the exact concepts we teach all over the country. And I’m excited to report back…these concepts really worked!!! Who knew???

All jokes aside, I’m excited for the future of this company, but more importantly, I’m full of appreciation and gratitude for how this entire retreat went down. Although we try to always go above and beyond to honor and serve our clients, this experience was a wonderful reminder for me of how important it is to prioritize our people and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, our team, our company...first.

These people right here in the image, around that grey table - Blair Bloomston, Jason Martinez, Erin Watson, Chris Friday, Laura Hahn, and Shane Bloomston – they are seriously good company. This crew, along with our consultants around the country, are our biggest asset. This is the heart and soul behind what we do. They are the engine that helps fuel our programs. They make our Game On experiences come to life.

For all of us bringing experiences to life, in that learning and development land, in the service to others space, here’s to setting aside that necessary time to focus on the internal needs of our company, team, students, group, audience - and pour into our people - so we can put the first things first.

Priorities On. Clarity On. Game On.

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