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Enjoy The Rest

clarity focus rest Apr 26, 2023

One of our signature programs at Game On is called “Connecting with Clarity”. Our focus, at the beginning of this training, is on the power of rest. We share practical and tangible techniques for presenters to take a pause, identify natural breaks, and find moments to reflect. We also stress how important it is for all of us as leaders, coaches, teachers, and presenters, in our daily lives, to slow down, take a breath, and literally get some rest. With all that said, I took my time, added some rhyme, and wrote this week’s blog with a different beat. I hope you…enjoy the REST.

“To be or not to be”, that is the ultimate test. We don’t need to read a Harvard study to understand and prioritize…REST.

It’s easier said, but it must be done, or we’ll be well done because the stakes are too high. I’m not talking about the steaks on a grill, but the stakes that don’t lie, which are the stakes of our lives.

When we pause and take note, we can wake up what’s rote. We can be our own scribe and amplify and describe the words on a page. If you don’t trust me, trust a sage.

“Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer,

the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

and by opposing end them.

To die, to sleep-no more”.

(8 hours is key, but who’s keeping score?)

And just to be clear, that last verse was Shakespeare. But with the REST of this blog, I’ll try to cut through the fog and address this misinformation, misleading the nations, with misunderstanding, so let’s not miss while we’re standing. I slowed down and took a seat and just listened to understand this lonely condition.

The early bird gets no worm when the bird can’t take flight, and there’s no sight without light. That worm stays alive every day of the week, yet we keep getting airborne, feeling so weak. And to feel reborn, we’ll pop airborne, and live like a poster, with no one to call, stuck on a wall that says, “Fake It ‘til You Make It.” Unfortunately, that’s an act…we can’t take it.

We’re told to “Rise & Grind” and “Never Give Up”. When we can’t get up, we’re told to get hyped up. When we can’t stay up, we’re told to live it up. On this path, what is down becomes up and we’re understandably confused and fed up. At this rate it makes no sense trying to beat present tense.

We must break free from the poster, which is the world’s rollercoaster, rising and grinding away matter that matters, when what matters the most is our precious grey matter. To protect our minds, let’s switch shine for the grind, or we’ll become a mad hatter.

This pace is created by those who have waited for us to get tired, and for our traction to tire, and for our threads on the tire, to make us retire. So, let’s stop racing…and pacing…and chasing…until we expire.

If we remove the rest, and try to win at all costs, who pays that cost? We simply cannot afford it and we should not reward it. So, let’s do this together, to be at our best, and pass this test, and prioritize REST, and share the REST…so we can enjoy the REST…of our story.

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