Create Some Space

awareness intentional space Jun 21, 2023

Sometimes, many times, in fact, almost all the time, being intentional with our room set up, focusing on the needs of the audience, and most importantly, having an awareness of the small but impactful details, can be a major step towards serving the audience well, creating a comfortable and conducive environment for leading, laughing and learning well, and cultivating authentic connection.

At Game On, AWARENESS is the driving force behind one of our signature programs, Cultivating Authentic Connection. In the 25 years we’ve been sharing this program, we’ve discovered these simple, small, and impactful details can be the difference between forced intimacy in a crowded space, and authentic connection in a comfortable space. In that time, we have found that…

Awareness…of the air conditioning in the room can be the difference between a heated discussion and a cool experience.

Awareness…of the distance between you and the audience can be the difference between an unrelatable, distant message, and a meaningful, close conversation.

Awareness…of the space between the chairs in the room can be the difference between putting people too close for comfort, and giving those same people some space to breathe.

Let’s not get too caught up in the PowerPoint, the hilarious opening, the epic message, Let’s not get too distracted by the lights, camera, and action. Let’s start by embracing the small details, including:

1. Keeping the room cool.

2. Being aware of the distance between you and the audience.

3. Making sure there’s some ample space between those chairs.

When we give these small details the time, the effort, and the intention they deserve, you will feel it as a leader, coach, teacher, and presenter, and more importantly, your audience will sense it, appreciate it, and remember it, all because you simply, intentionally, and selflessly decided to…create some space.

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