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A Worthy Assignment

communication leadership presentation public speaking Nov 09, 2022

As leaders, teachers, coaches, and presenters, engaging with purpose is important, knowing your why is powerful, and being able to find something you love to do - and using that gift to positively impact others - is a real blessing.

In Game On terms, “Engaging with Purpose” is an important concept, plays a vital role in our company culture, and is one of our signature programs for public speaking and presentation skills training. This particular curriculum offers a framework to help presenters be more intentional with their interactivity, while providing safe guidelines to ensure they have proper tools and tangible techniques to purposefully engage with all audiences.

With that said, and with all due respect to presenters and the importance of engaging with purpose, it’s been invaluable for me to look at engaging with purpose from a broader perspective…and with a bit more depth. When I go a little deeper, these are the challenging and exciting questions that come to the surface: What if we engaged with purpose in all that we do? What if we took it on as our mission to find what sets our hearts on fire? What if we made it a major priority to seek, identify, activate, and fulfill our calling? What if we engaged our entire lives with purpose, and viewed it all as a life-long assignment?

We all know about homework assignments, school assignments, work assignments, and business assignments. These assignments usually aren’t chosen by us, but rather given to us by someone in authority. They’re often viewed as tasks and chores, with a startling start date and a definitive deadline. I’m talking about an entirely different assignment here. This assignment shouldn’t be seen as a task and shouldn’t be viewed as a chore. It should be received as a gift of clarity so we can approach every moment, every interaction, every exchange, every day, everything we do, and embrace it all as an opportunity to engage our lives with purpose.

If we take this on as a way of life and weave it into the fabric of who we are, terms like “engaging with purpose” can take on multiple meanings. With this shift in perspective, for me, it becomes much more than a framework for public speaking and presentation skills, and it extends far beyond leaders, teachers, coaches, and presenters. This is for everyone and thus, our assignments will be different, because we all have different talents and different giftings. The important thing is to tune out the noise and listen to our hearts, so we don’t miss our assignments. That’s the ultimate deadline. When the school ends, the work ends, the presentation ends, or the job ends - after the other deadlines have passed - if we identify and receive it, we’ll still have our assignment to live out and fulfill…and that’s the real blessing.

Find something you love to do - and use that gift to impact others - because that’s a blessing. But don’t stop there. Keep digging and we’ll find more depth. As human beings, we’ll discover the beauty of engaging children with purpose, engaging elders with purpose, engaging relationships with purpose, engaging families with purpose, engaging communities with purpose, engaging loved ones with purpose, engaging those who are sometimes difficult to love (that includes all of us) with purpose, engaging our hearts, minds, and souls with purpose and…engaging our entire lives with purpose. That’s a worthy assignment.

Purpose On. Assignment On. Game On.

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