Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication

Authentic Connection & Culture Development Training

Program Description:

T.L.C. means Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication. These three professional behaviors reside at the heart of great culture, and Game On develops them through interactive, game-based learning and the uplifting, educational power of play.
Teams build immediate buy-in, bonds and trust through the Game On training experience, adopting new strategies to recognize and value each other’s strengths. Game On’s curriculum is powered by improvisation, role-playing, and gamification, delivered in an environment that makes the group feel safe, trusted, and respected. With simple “rules of the game” that allow participants to embrace healthy, collective competition, the exercises provide a roadmap for how colleagues can successfully partner together and sustain the trust and connection long-term. The T.L.C. program is designed to help participants improve from any level of their career, empowering teams by inspiring a culture of “I’ve got your back”.

Targeted Results:

Techniques to strengthen teamwork, leadership, and communication as individuals and across your organization, helping you:
Create an environment where collaboration and open communication is the norm.
Lead with compassion and value colleague’s growth alongside your own success.
Listen and receive direction gracefully, take accountability, and commit to your role.
Adopt healthy, collective competition to stay motivated and feel united as a team.

Testimonials from clients who’ve experienced the T.L.C. curriculum:

“Our team really loved Game On’s leadership training and the take-aways for Global Development. So many people have shared that this was the most valuable of all the programs we have experienced."
- Gretchen Stroud, Sr. Director, Learning - Global Brands, Hilton Worldwide University
"Our Game On session was filled with laughter and my players were so inspired. What an amazing team bonding experience.”
- Pat Murphy, Head Coach, University of Alabama Softball
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