Communication, Ownership, Respect, and Empowerment

Workplace Rights, Diversity, Inclusion, & Anti-Harassment

Program Description:

C.O.R.E. stands for communication, ownership, respect, and empowerment. These four behaviors represent areas of individual accountability, where all professionals have a choice about how they “show up” to work each day, and where we’re each empowered to create a workplace where inclusion and equal opportunity thrives.
Game On’s C.O.R.E. workplace rights and civility training program developed through 20+ years of experience working with high performing individuals and teams. The foundation of C.O.R.E. is based on the study of human behavior and the power of positive interaction and respectful behavior. With an always-customized focus on your organization’s unique mission, vision, and values, Game On brings communication, ownership, respect, and empowerment to life. C.O.R.E.’s impact moves beyond basic compliance training to cultivate and inspire a more safe, civil, and inclusive workplace - - for everyone.

Targeted Results:

Techniques to bring your organization’s Core Values to life, activating a respectful and thriving workplace culture, helping you:
Create the right climate and environment for inclusivity and open communication.
Embed common language and positive behaviors aligned with the organization’s values.
Add empathy, improve listening, and respect each other’s diverse background and perspectives.
Set the standard and create a baseline expectation for professionalism and respect.

Testimonials from a few clients who’ve experienced the C.O.R.E. curriculum:

"The impact this program has had on our players, coaches and front office is immeasurable. Game On has played a significant role in creating a positive culture of optimism and enthusiasm for our players and staff."
– Neal Huntington, VP of Operations and General Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates
"Game On’s training is the most valuable part of our camp each year because they teach skills that our athletes will use on and off the ice, for the rest of their lives."
– Pat Brisson, Co-Head, CAA Hockey Division
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