Employee Well-Being In A High-Performance Culture

Program Description:

A Path to Support contends that personal well-being is the new professional badge of honor, with evidence to support the fact that enhancing how you rest, fuel, and move makes an impact on the biggest bottom line: your longevity.
Game On believes empowerment and emotional well-being are non-negotiables within a high-performance culture, providing valuable resiliency and grit when deadlines, pressure, and client demands are very real. This immersive, highly- interactive program focuses on self-awareness and self-care techniques to help alleviate stress and restore stamina, using a Good to Know + Good to Do approach. Participants learn how to build their network of support- a wellbeing “Board of Directors”- as the key to sustaining healthy habits, recognizing that the number one indicator of longevity is found in the strength of our relationships. Game On’s A Path to Support program is packed with tangible action steps to strengthen mindset, enhance career/life purpose, and inspire well-being best practices that last.

Targeted Results:

Techniques to enhance personal and professional well-being, with a focus on realistic habits and high-impact action steps, helping you:
Recognize how stress affects thinking and emotions, raising awareness of your reactions.
Make pro-active choices to increase resilience, while also reducing stress where possible.
Harness your connection with colleagues, friends and family to create a support network.
Develop your personal strategy to prioritize overall well-being and sense of life/career purpose.

Testimonials from clients who’ve experienced A Path to Support curriculum:

"Thank you again for the extremely valuable training you provided to our team. Game On does a wonderful job and I hope others in the military continue to take advantage of your tremendous resources."
– James Rodriguez, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Warrior Care Policy
"With Game On, you get an experience like no other. We always leave the session renewed, refreshed, and with practical tools to address challenging topics. Our teammates remember their “tie-backs” and put them in action to achieve sustainable results."
– Kristi Hoskinson, Wellbeing, Performance and Development Consultant
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