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Wear It Well

authenticity confidence presentation Jul 19, 2023

Wear It Well

The day before a big business trip, the night before an important presentation, the morning of an evening event, I lay out that outfit that best suits me, the occasion, and the event, so I’m not overdressed or underdressed, but simply, comfortably, confidently, and appropriately dressed for success.

When I’m thoughtful about what’s best to wear, when I’m honest with myself about what best suits my style, and when I’m intentional about the entire process, I’m much more comfortable and confident with my outfit, I’m in a better position to cultivate an authentic connection with my audience, and I’m in a much better mindset to…wear it well.

I’m certainly no super-model, fashion icon, or pop-culture trendsetter, but over 27 years of public speaking and presenting, and as I progress in my career (see also: “get older”), I’ve been very intentional about what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve done this through trial and error, observing and admiring other leaders, coaches, teachers, and presenters, and getting counsel from my most trusted and important confidant, my wife Jacky, who doesn’t want me to miss the mark, and who has a gift for giving honest feedback.

And because I’ve missed the mark on occasion - by wearing the wrong outfit for an occasion - I’ll bring a few different outfit options when I’m on the road sharing the Game On Nation message. In full transparency, I’ve gone as far as to peek in early at conferences where I’m presenting, to observe the company, the client, the audience at breakfast, to get a true sense of what everyone is wearing. With that shared, I can neither confirm nor deny that on a few occasions when I was wearing either a sport coat/tie or dark jeans/sneakers as I peeked into that breakfast, by the time I walked on stage for my presentation, there may or may not have been a slight, safe, and subtle costume change, so my outfit better matched the audience, the environment, and the moment.

In these moments, how we feel, the way we move, and what we wear can have a big impact on how we communicate and present. Within our comfort zone, within our style, and within our means, where appropriate, wear what’s appropriate and let’s be intentional about this process so we’re feeling, moving, presenting, and communicating at our best.

Like we did when we were kids the night before that first day of school, let’s continue that trend. Let’s get excited with anticipation, be intentional, and lay out that outfit so we’re not overdressed or underdressed, but simply, comfortably, confidently, and appropriately dressed.

And when we enter that space, lead that meeting, teach that lesson, coach that team, walk on stage, be it sport coat/dress shirt, slacks/dark jeans, dress shoes/sneakers, high heels/flats, whatever suits you, your style, and the occasion - for all occasions - be confident and comfortable and…wear it well.

Intention On. Outfit On. Game On.


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