Still On

movement Jun 02, 2023

When we stop moving in our minds - from thought to thought - we’re still on.

When we stop moving at work - from meeting to meeting - we’re still on.

When we stop moving on stage - from presentation to presentation - we’re still on.

Let’s keep that movement going, but I’m also encouraging us all to make sure we enjoy and cherish being still. Moving, moving others, and being moved is engaging, exciting, and fun. It’s active. But without the power of intentionally, quietly, and passively being still, that movement has no base, lacks a counter, is missing some balance.

Movement is a foundational component of our curriculum at Game On, especially in our pursuit to help our clients communicate with clarity. In fact, in that pursuit, one of our favorite phrases we lean on is “Let’s Move People”.We see this as a multi-faceted charge, where “move” can be interpreted as exercise, impact, shift, adjust, alter, change, interact, engage, and so much more.

With these various definitions of “move”, it allows for movement of thought, to help remain innovative and forward thinking. It allows for movement in meetings, to help share the space and honor everyone’s time. It allows for movement when presenting, to help keep things interactive and authentically engaging.

With all that said, and all that movement done, the impact of that movement is wildly enhanced when we can also find the time, the space, the patience, the courage, to slow it all down, to settle down, to stop moving for a bit, and to just be still.

Still…let’s encourage it, celebrate it, embrace it, and trust that in our minds, at work, on stage, and in our lives, as slow as it may feel, as counterintuitive as it may seem, as challenging as it may be, in that stillness, we can reset, reflect, reconnect, and throughout it all…understand that we’re Still On.

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