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Simply Put

clarity communication good to do response simplicity value Dec 07, 2022

Try your best to simply answer the question and give one clear, confident, and concise example to back up that answer and prove your value.

That was the advice I shared recently in my attempt to provide a practical, tangible, and memorable technique to support a dear friend as he prepared for a high-stakes interview for a very exciting job promotion. This is also our approach at Game On when we work with clients helping prepare them for press conferences, Q&A sessions, job interviews, and overall career transitions…where creativity, confidence, and most importantly, clarity, is of utmost importance.

In the spirit of simplicity, we call this concept “Answer Plus Example”, or in even simpler terms: “A+X”. This is a tangible and practical framework for all of us to follow so we can get to the point with substance and clarity. For example, suppose in the job interview, you get the question, “What makes you a good leader?”. In that case, if you follow the A+X framework, the clear and direct ANSWER may be “I’m the oldest of three…” The slightly more descriptive EXAMPLE may be, “…so growing up, I needed to be a positive role model for my younger siblings. I took that responsibility very seriously, and my first job when I was 13 years old was as a babysitter for not just my younger siblings but also for many of the younger kids in our neighborhood. After that, I became known as the go-to babysitter in our area!”

The answer should be clear and concise, and the example must be descriptive, positive, and truthful. If you follow this framework, your response - also known as your proof - will certainly be more profound and substantial than the well-intended but standard, “I’m a really good leader”; A basic statement that doesn’t promote you very well, especially if the literal promotion is what you are seeking.

With that said, to promote simplicity, clarity, and my biggest personal challenge, brevity, I’ve instituted a “good to do” for this blog. I’m purposefully writing this message on my iPhone Notes App to encourage, remind, and to some extent, force me to get to the point, land the plane, and keep it simple. I could go on and on and on, but that would defeat the simple purpose.

So, let’s purposefully put it all together:

1. Simplicity allows for clarity.

2. Simplicity opens the door for consistency.

3. Simplicity challenges us to share basic and complex information in a clear, concise, and memorable manner, so others can receive the message as it was intended.

Simply put…things are much easier for all of us to convey, receive, comprehend, and understand when everything is…simply put!

Oh, and my dear friend got the promotion. ๐Ÿ˜€

Simplicity On. Clarity On. Game On

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