Set The Stage

encourage move permission Jun 14, 2023

I’ll set the stage…

When my wife Jacky and I and our girls Blake and Bailey come back each year to University of the Nations to teach presentation skills and storytelling to this group of amazing YWAM (Youth with a Mission) students as part of their Revival and Reformation track, a consistent highlight every year is the unconditional love, encouragement, and support these young men and women provide to me and my family.

Jacky set the stage…

On the morning of the last day of class, Jacky asked the leadership team if she could share a word. She courageously and lovingly took the stage and set up the final session by sharing a mother’s blessing she wrote called “The Wild Ones and Pioneers”. And with that permission set, that tone set, and that stage set, Blake and Bailey followed up, stepped up, and even sang up, in front of all these “big kids”. In my daughter’s eyes, in Jacky’s eyes, and in my eyes, these “big kids” now-a-days have so much to offer and so much to give and so much to share. All they need is a bit of guidance, direction, permission, and space, to take the stage, and make it their own.

Let’s all set the stage…

As leaders, coaches, teachers, and presenters, let’s do our best to guide, encourage, lead, direct, redirect, celebrate, and so much more. Let’s then set the stage, share the stage, step off the stage, and let them do their thing, in their voice, with their unique style, using their specific gifts, in front of their audience, on their stage.

Our theme for the final day of this five-day training program was “Let’s Move People”, and Jacky, Blake, Bailey, and all of these incredible, loving, driven, vulnerable, courageous, big kids did just that. They honored us, they moved us, they took care of us, they impacted us, and for current and future generations to come, these “wild ones and pioneers”…set the stage…for all of us.

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