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Picture That

Nov 08, 2023


This picture right here… is one of my favorites, and this woman in this picture right here has played a significant role for the last 19 years as my colleague and loyal teammate.

This picture right here… was taken at IMG Academy when Blair Bloomston first joined the Game On team, after I moved the company from LA to Florida, where we began this amazing journey together. 

This picture right here… captures what we always strive for Game On to be about; The importance of laughing with-not at, the power of having one another’s back, and the joy of celebrating small wins. 

This picture right here… reminds me how thankful I am for the time together, and how grateful I will always be for all that Blair's impact on this organization.

With all that said, and so much meaningful work done, Blair is moving on from Game On to explore new business ventures. There is no question she will bring her energy and passion, and move people in this new season, just as she has done for all of us, for all these years.

As leaders, teachers, coaches, let’s do our best - as imperfect as we all may be - to respect our staff, develop our students, prepare our teams, and when they choose to move on, honor that next phase with the kindness, care, and respect they deserve.

Here’s to laughing with, having each other’s back, and celebrating small wins, for all seasons, including this next season. 

Here’s to new ventures and new beginnings. Picture that!

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