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Listen Up

coaching intentional leadership Sep 20, 2023

Listen Up

Arthur M. Blank is an iconic leader, philanthropist, and extraordinarily successful businessman. He’s the co-founder of Home Depot and the current Chairman of the Blank Family of Businesses, which includes the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, PGA Tour Superstore, Arthur M. Blank Foundation, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and AMB Sports & Entertainment.

I share this snapshot of his resume because I recently had the responsibility, honor, and privilege of facilitating and moderating Mr. Blank’s townhall meeting at Mercedes Benz Stadium. This was a special experience, and the entire time I shared the stage with this businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community activist, my sole focus was to remain present, do my best to ask clear and concise questions, sit back and… listen up.

During the conversation, he shared some memorable stories from his childhood, discussed his core values and beliefs that has formed his leadership philosophy, and provided sound counsel to all his associates who help lead his vast family of businesses.

As I leaned back and listened up, below are some key take-aways I received from a man who has built a business empire and made a profound impact on others, all while providing immeasurable sports/entertainment value to the Atlanta community, around the country, and throughout the world:

1. Never take a good company for granted.

2. One of the best investment a leader can make is to put time and energy into good, healthy relationships.

3. If you focus on providing value and prioritize customer service, client service, staff service, and community service, you will be positioned to have a successful and impactful business.

4. As leaders, we must be intentional about engaging with all levels of the organization.

5. Create solid core values, stick with them through thick and thin, and always lead by example.

6. Great leaders stay humble, ask insightful questions, and know when to just listen.

7. Leadership is not perfection. We'll make mistakes, just try not to repeat them.

7. Leadership is not perfection. We'll make mistakes, just try not to repeat them.๐Ÿ˜€

As leaders, teachers, coaches, presenters, when we have the responsibility to moderate and facilitate, when we have the honor to be in the presence of someone with knowledge, wisdom, and authority, when we have the privilege to take part in that special experience, I encourage us all to remain present, do our best to ask clear and concise questions, sit back and… listen up.

Learn On. Listen Up On. Game On.


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