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Let's Move People

confidence connection move May 25, 2023

These new Air Jordan's I'm sporting in this pic help me move, and they move me. 

When I wear these Air Jordan's out and about, I am moved. I feel grounded, I'm reminded of those years long ago when I played pick-up basketball in Chicago for hours on the daily, and these new sneakers, with the not-so-subtle patent leather trim, make me smile.

When I wear these Air Jordan's while presenting, they literally help me move. I navigate the stage with a bit more grace, pivoting to the audience's needs and adjusting to the session flow. Each step of the way, with my Air Jordan's beneath me, I go to that athlete mindset, focusing on maintaining the tempo, trusting the process, seeing the angles, avoiding unnecessary turnovers, and enjoying the overall progression of the game.

When I wear these Air Jordan's after a session, a nice connection can be made every now and then. Recently, a young man who had just participated and shined in a training called Cultivating Authentic Connection took the initiative and moved across the room in my direction. When I saw him approaching, I was ready to be moved.

We struck up a genuine conversation about the shoes, and then about the legend that is Michael Jordan. We talked some more about MJ and Air Jordan's, then the recent move "Air". We moved to the Bulls back in the day, then to Chicago sports in general, and the wild wind off Lakeshore Drive. We changed tunes and I go an update on the music scene downtown, then we pivoted to the state of education in general, and finished strong celebrating Jimmy Butler's recent playoff tenacity. All of it, starting with the sneakers, then Chicago, then the soul, allows us both to be moved.

As leaders, teachers, coaches, and presenters, it's worth asking ourselves, "What moves me?" Besides my new sneakers with the not-so-subtle patent leather trim, below are some things - off the cuff - that move me:

Witnessing a speaker courageously and confidently deliver a presentation with honesty, humility, and humor moves me.

Observing someone remaining clear-minded and emotionally controlled under tremendous pressure and duress moves me.

Listening to Whitney Houston's Star-Spangled Banner from Super Bowl XXV moves me.

Watching drumlines compete at a high school football game move me.

Hearing my daughters sing and harmonize together moves me.

Seeing people cross the finish ling at a marathon moves me.

Walking our 16-month-old chocolate lab Finley moves me.

Celebrating any form of graduation moves me.

Wearing my new Air Jordans moves me.

What moves you? I encourage you to explore it, find it, and own it. Take a chance and mix it up, so you can mix it up with others. Listen to that song that moves you, read that book that moves you, watch that show that moves you, tune into that podcast that moves you, check out that speaker that moves you, surround yourself with people who move you...and if the shoe fits, wear that sneaker that moves you.

Whatever it is for you, allow it to get you up, lift you up, and get you out and about. Let's move people!

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