Feature Blog: Finding a Work/Life Rhythm

Posted: Monday, July 06 2020

Feature Blog: Finding a Work/Life Rhythm

For a long time, I’ve had a pretty standard routine going. Wake up, make breakfast and lunch for the wife and kids. Help get them up and ready for school. Then get myself ready for work, and I’m out the door around 8:45 am. Get to the office, do some work, take some meetings, and then head home around 5 pm. Occasionally I’d have some work-related things that need to be taken care of at home, but for the most part when I was home, I was home. 

Then… well… we’re all aware of what’s happening around us. The nice thing is, because of our particular business, we’re able to work from home and still meet the needs of clients and colleagues. We can still see each other via a virtual platform. We can share our screens so others can see what we’re working on. When you think about how technology has made it possible to even keep going (even though things are a little different than they were before) it’s truly remarkable. 

When I first started working from home, I thought it was great. People told me how great this would be. I get to work at home, at my desk, in my comfy chair. No commute time and every day is a casual day! But with these technological marvels, comes some negative effects as well.

One of the negative side-effects of working at home for me was my routine was gone. While working at home is nice, it is very easy to blur the lines of work time and home time. The irony of it all is last night, I was sitting at the dinner table, with my family, while reading an infographic of a study by Family Living Today, that said, “40% of respondents said it was ok to check work email at the dinner table.”

Because I’m working from home, I’m never actually leaving work. When an email comes in, I’m right in the space I’ve been working all day, so it feels natural to jump on the computer or phone and respond. I feel right at home working.

I recently came across a very timely article* that has been so helpful as I strive to build a realistic work/life rhythm, and wanted to share 3 key tips to maintain healthy boundaries as we all continue to work in this “new normal”.

  1. Have a starting routine that tells your brain it is now “work time”. 
  2. Make a clear plan of when you’ll be having meetings, working on projects, and checking emails. 
  3. Have a “wrap-up” routine that starts 30-minutes before you are going to end “work time” so your brain starts to transition back into “home time”. 

While I know there are times you need to do things in “off-hours”, hopefully, this article will help you as you seek to create a work/life rhythm.


*See the full article here: How to Transition Between Work Time and Personal Time


About the Author:

Chris Friday, Director of Curriculum for Game On Nation, is an industry leader in curriculum development, coaching, and improvisation. His unique talent for using positive humor to inspire change has helped some of the world’s most prestigious athletes and teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, NFL Players Association, University of Alabama Football, and over 50 first-round NBA and NFL Draft picks. Chris resides in Parrish, FL with his wife and two daughters.

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