Prioritize Connection

Posted: Wednesday, June 02 2021

Prioritize Connection

I’m starting to teach in person again and my takeaway after my first three in-person trainings is achieving authentic connection has never been more important, more challenging and more vital. 

With that said, the Game On team and I have found these three simple #GoodtoDo tips below so helpful to build a network of support and trust as we come back together. I hope you find them helpful as well. 

Start Small and Simple: As we come back together, invite only the people who need to be there and keep meetings to the point. Don’t rush things - save full-team meetings for when people are more accustomed to coming back together in large groups.

Schedule the Time: Schedule 5 minutes at the beginning of meetings to check in about non-work-related things. A simple catch up can be a game-changer for making people feel supported and connected. 

Respect the Space: The “pop-in” meeting was tricky to achieve virtually. Once back in person, respect people’s time and space as we re-acclimate, and make use of the question, “Is this a good time?” 

This time we are all in is an incredible opportunity to honor relationships and embrace the significance of authentic connections. And with the stakes so high, we have a responsibility to be intentional, be respectful and meet people where they are - literally and metaphorically - so we can serve with space and grace. 

So, let’s make it a priority to take all that great information we have at our disposal and transfer it into action. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s “good to do”. 


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