What's Your Team's Pivot Point?

Posted: Friday, June 05 2020

What's Your Team's Pivot Point?

To say “We are living in unprecedented times” is definitely an understatement. But if some variation of “In these unprecedented times” gets the award for the phrase of the year, then the award for “Word of the Year” should probably go to, “Pivot”. (Or should we say “PIV – AHT” for all of you “Friends” watchers out there.)

All kidding aside, we are navigating through a true season of CHANGE, with the most resilient organizations seeking to pivot in order to remain agile and actually stay in business. 

We at Game On are experiencing this firsthand. Our business for many years involved our presenters and team of consultants getting on airplanes and going into an organization to deliver live training for their teams and staff. However, with many employees still working from home, businesses are no longer hiring for live in-person training programs (And who knows when they will be and what it will look like when they do?)

We, like many companies, have been in pivot-mode

But what does that mean and how can we make sure our pivots have a purpose and we’re not just reacting to everything little thing that happens outside our sphere of influence?

Let’s start by looking at the word pivot. We love using sports analogies here at Game On and in basketball, a pivot is the act of keeping one foot in place while moving the other. This is often necessary when a player stops dribbling the ball but wishes to re-position themselves for a pass or shot. A player may rotate and move around as long as one foot remains in place, on the floor. The foot chosen is known as the "pivot foot", and if it comes off the ground, a traveling violation will be called.

The dictionary defines a pivot as “the central point on which a mechanism turns or oscillates”. So, in order to truly pivot, there needs to be a central point that remains fixed and grounded so that everything else can move freely around it.

In basketball, it’s a player’s foot that must remain grounded and the body can rotate around that. But as we hear this word thrown around in business conversations, what’s the central point around which everything else should turn?

In business - the “pivot foot” is your mission and core values. They’re the fixed point that everything in the organization should revolve around. These are the guiding principles that define how colleagues and teammates will interact with each other and how the organization will engage with clients. Mission and values play a huge role in determining an organization’s voice and identity in the marketplace. While situations and circumstances are very dynamic, an organization should be rooted and anchored to its mission and values.

As we’ve shared, Game On is not immune to the current circumstances of the world and is constantly exploring ways to adjust in order to share our sound with others. We’ve translated our offerings to deliver Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programs and are consistently seeking to engage with our team and clients in new and different ways through digital media platforms. 

But one thing that hasn’t changed is our mission and values. We still believe people have the power to think quickly on their feet, speak with the utmost confidence, and lead through faith and inspiration. We will still ground our sessions, whether they are in-person or online, with our Rules of the Game:

  • Laugh WITH not AT
  • Have each other’s back
  • Celebrate small wins

We will continue to do our best to improve the world through authentic and purposeful engagement.

 Game On!


About the Author:

Chris Friday, Director of Curriculum for Game On Nation, is an industry leader in curriculum development, coaching, and improvisation. His unique talent for using positive humor to inspire change has helped some of the world’s most prestigious athletes and teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, NFL Players Association, University of Alabama Football, and over 50 first-round NBA and NFL Draft picks. Chris resides in Parrish, FL with his wife and two daughters.

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