The Power of Cultivating Curiosity at Work

Posted: Tuesday, March 23 2021

The Power of Cultivating Curiosity at Work

One of Game On’s four game dynamics is “Embrace Mystery”. I don’t have to tell you that we are all embracing mystery a little more these days. While these can be trying times, hopefully we can capitalize on this moment and see this as an opportunity for growth. 

Mystery by definition is something unknown. And I’ll admit, the unknown can be scary. Take for instance the movie Jaws. If you’ve seen this movie, then you know you almost never see the shark. In this 2 hour and 10-minute movie about a killer great white shark, the shark only has 4 minutes of screen time. Steven Spielberg used the fear of the unknown to his advantage. 

But is that all the unknown can be good for – stoking fear? There is another side to the mystery coin, and that is curiosity. 

By embracing mystery, in essence, you are cultivating curiosity and adopting a learning mindset by seeking to understand and choosing to step forward with confidence into what is yet to be seen. There are huge benefits to cultivating curiosity. A study published in the journal “Neuron” suggests that the brain's chemistry changes when we become curious, helping us better learn and retain information.

Approaching situations with optimism and curiosity opens your mind to new information, new ways of doing things, and new ideas. By embracing mystery, you will often find yourself more engaged and enthusiastic as you look for answers and solutions to everyday challenges.

Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

So as new and different situations present themselves this week, do your best to lean into these moments with optimism and curiosity, rather than spending all your time worrying about a shark that may never be seen. 

If you’re still curious about curiosity, here is an article on how the limbic system of our brain responds when curiosity is piqued and the benefits of cultivating a learning mindset. 

About the Author:
Chris Friday, Director of Curriculum for Game On Nation, is an industry leader in curriculum development, coaching, and improvisation. His unique talent for using positive humor to inspire change has helped some of the world’s most prestigious athletes and teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, NFL Players Association, University of Alabama Football, and over 50 first-round NBA and NFL Draft picks. Chris resides in Parrish, FL with his wife and two daughters.

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