Consultant Feature - Jason Martinez

Posted: Friday, June 16 2017

Consultant Feature - Jason Martinez

Q&A: Getting to Know Senior Consultant Jason Martinez

We’re back! We recently had the opportunity to ask Communication Consultant Jason Martinez a few questions about his experiences and passion. Jason is a leader in the development of well-being programs to support our Nation’s wounded warriors and has helped hundreds of athletes, wounded warriors, and civilians achieve their personal and professional goals. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the Florida National Guard and enjoys traveling to perform stand-up comedy throughout the state in addition to delivering for game on. We are so grateful to have him as part of the team.

Tell me how you first got involved in acting/commentating/public speaking/coaching...

I would say that it has been a series of events throughout my life. My very first time on stage was in elementary school. I remember sharing a story about my parents’ childhood in Brooklyn, NY. My Mom was seated on stage with me to help calm my nerves as I presented to the entire school. And, probably to ensure that I didn’t come up with a fictitious tale about her. In middle school I remember the teacher picking kids to read lines from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. I was the second kid picked. Let’s just say that I put my heart into reading those words. The teacher let me read the remainder of the entire speech. The professor from my public speaking course in college said that all presentations would be voted on by our peers. He stated that anyone that got voted on being the best speaker 5 times would get a golden can of sardines. I don’t eat sardines but I was pretty excited to be presented with that award.

What do you find most challenging about your work?

As a speaker and a comedian, I want to personally connect with everyone. That’s a difficult task to accomplish in a room full of hundreds of people.

How would your best friend describe you? (or share three words you believe others would use to describe you)

Three words others would use to describe me are (I asked a few close friends): Reflective, motivated and genuine.

If you weren’t in the current profession you’re in, what would you like to be doing instead?

As a kid, I wanted to be a professional wrestler. As an adult, I would still be a professional wrestler.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

That I don’t just have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth. I am a huge fan of pastries. Of course, everything in moderation or so I’ve heard.

What’s your most memorable client experience since you started working with game on?

I hope to create several lasting memories for the clients that I work with. My hope is that people leave our sessions knowing that it’s okay to be vulnerable and that humor can be used to unite and ignite people.

Who is most influential person in your life? Why?

Hands down the toughest question to answer of the nine. I’ll have to choose two. My father and my grandmother. Why? My grandmother created a lasting impact on my life. She lived with us for most of my adolescence. Our walks to the grocery store. Our cooking sessions. The jokes and laughter that we shared are what I remember the most about my years as a teenager. She was my best friend. I look at my Father as a modern-day Don Quixote. I respect my Father’s journey more than I can express. From growing up in Brooklyn, NY to becoming a Marine, to being an amazing Grandfather. He is everything that I want to be.

If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?

I would choose the ability to fly. Why? To never have to sit in the middle row.

What do you do to reset and regenerate?

Exercise. More specifically, some alone time on a basketball court. A sport specific training session and a few hundred jump shots later and I’m physically and mentally reset.

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