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Finding Our Way

determination empowerment goals Nov 01, 2023

Finding Our Way

Your way may not always perfectly align with another company’s mission statement, another teacher’s unique approach, another team’s playing style, or another person’s way… and that’s totally okay. 

What’s important is, along the way - as leaders, teachers, coaches, and presenters - we should focus on making our mission, approach, and unique style, as authentic and sound as possible, and do our very best to consistently add value while… finding our way.

One way to get there is to take a look outside of our own businesses, classrooms, teams, audiences, and check out, honor, and amplify what other successful individuals, organizations, and teams are doing well, along their way.

In my recent pursuit to see other successful companies display their way, I didn’t have to look very far. You see, my wife had a dream of starting her own cycle studio and she recently saw that dream come to fruition. And the way she went about her business, creating her blueprint, finding her unique sound, defining her way, is worth sharing. 

So, with all the understanding of a fellow entrepreneur, the empathy of a small business owner, and the bias of a seriously proud husband (with my wife’s permission) I present to you Jacky Shenbaum’s “Well Cycle Studio” way. 

The Well Cycle Studio Way:

  1. Lighting: Natural light and/or indoor lighting helps create an environment where our cyclists can move freely and safely and allows for authentic engagement with the instructor and other riders. 
  2. Music. Music can move people, inspire, and bring people together. Music with clean lyrics and positive imagery invites everyone to feel safe and be a part of a wholesome experience. 
  3. Scent. Having oil diffusers with pleasant scents can be invigorating and welcoming and provides a sense of purity and intentionality to the overall environment.
  4. Space. Creating ample space between the bikes allows for healthy movement, clear visual lines to the instructor, and room for everyone to move and breathe well.
  5. Invitation: Welcoming one another and saying good-bye should feel like welcoming a friend into your home. The entrance in and the exit out should always be polite, respectful, and encouraging. 
  6. Connection. Every rider is equally significant. As instructors, always celebrate your “team” from upfront. Let them know you are starting and finishing together. Encourage well and identify certain riders by name when they have earned that praise and/or need that boost.
  7. Intention. As an instructor, have a clear direction as to how you want this class of riders to feel physically and emotionally before, during, and after the ride? 
  8. Finish WELL. Finishing well is the end goal, and as instructors and riders, throughout the journey, our hearts and minds should be centered on getting there together, so we can all…BE WELL TOGETHER.

That’s Jacky’s way, and it aligns wonderfully well with her style, business, and overall brand. So, what’s your way? It doesn’t have to be wildly unique, groundbreaking, or profound. I just encourage us all to create that company mission statement, define our teaching/coaching approach, create that unique presentation style, and along that journey, to avoid getting lost in the shuffle, let’s make sure we focus first and foremost on… finding our way. 


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