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A Simple Play

confidence encourage play Sep 06, 2023

A Simple Play

When you ask a group of 7 year-olds to raise their hand if they’re a good artist, if they’re a good dancer, if they’re good at building things, if they are CREATIVE… I promise you a ton of exuberant hands will be raised.

When children are encouraged and feel safe, they have an innate, optimistic, and unbridled belief in themselves, which allows them to make the seemingly complex and unattainable become something reasonable and accessible.

This confidence (and a lack of self-consciousness) allows for simple, blank canvases to become a gateway for inspiring creative collaboration. I’ve experienced this transformation from “blank canvas simplicity” to “out-of-this-world creativity” when my daughters have settled down, unplugged, found the time and the space, and embraced the power of…a simple play.

I’ve witnessed cardboard boxes turn into rocket ships. I’ve seen a blank sheet of paper - with the aid of a ball point pen - transform into a comic strip. I’ve watched blankets, pillows, and few well-placed chairs become the foundation for a fort among fortresses.

This confidence, courage, and creativity seems to surface quite naturally for most kids, but we adults seem to have a much more difficult time raising our hands, claiming our talents, and seeing ourselves as dancers, artists, builders, creatives.

As leaders, coaches, teachers, presenters, what is it that inspires creative collaboration for you? What is that simple, achievable, attainable gateway that allows you to get your creativity on, just like when you were a kid at play?

As an adult it could be the blueprint for your new office complex, and it could also be a simple fort. As an adult, it could be an eye-catching graphic for your new web site, and it could also be a simple drawing with a ball point pen. As an adult it could be the design for the next space shuttle, and it could also be a cardboard rocket ship.

Whatever moves you, whatever gets you there, be intentional to create the time and space for it, just like when we were kids innocently captivated, content, and confident staging a complex theatrical production, but also appreciating the beauty and creativity of…a simple play

Draw On. Dance On. Fort On. Create On. Game On.


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